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Our Value and Strategy

Our Value and Strategy

Cosys is a multinational enterprise focused on control technology initiative development. Cosys’s PPC controller business unite operates in China for nearly eight years. Its PPC segment has global presence. In these markets, Cosys’s goal is to be a leader in industry of pneumatic control.

Innovation and quality ensure a sustainable increase in enterprise value. We aim to be proactive and dependable partner with our customers in our core business, which are proportional pressure controllers and valve locators.

Service to the market
We provide professional service to both industry and distributors. Our service range from presales consulting, trial and evaluation, customized manufacture, maintenance, calibration, local-support, RMA and so on. We believe that high-end service is also part of value beneficial to our customers as well as our competitive advantages over the other competitors.

We offer products and services that fully meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We challenge our competitors by providing both high product quality and an exceptionally high standard of service. We are creative, flexible, dedicated and always looking for new markets for our products. Our innovative power and research and development work, together with our new product launches tailored to customer requirements, drive our leadership in the marketplace.

We operate a decentralized organization that ensures rapid decision-making and close proximity to our markets. Our organization is also supported by a powerful communications network that ensures a constant and consistent exchange of information and expertise and contributes to the development of synergies.

Product reliability
Our strict, certified manufacturing standards guarantee the quality of our products for our customers. We focus on continually improving the stability and accuracy standards of the products we make. As a commitment to our customers, we provide full traceability of our products back to the entire process, including production、test、verify、calibration.

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